House cleaning and washing

As the water in Holland has a high content of chlorine, care must be taken to clean up.
The following products are only given as example. In the supermarket and drug stores,
you can find similar products.

Remove Chlorine

In Dutch: Antikalk

Apply Antical and leave about five minutes. Then rub lightly with sponge. For bathroom, kitchen sink, tub, glass doors etc.


In Dutch: Cif Schuurmiddel


In Dutch: Soda

Washing soda cuts grease, cleans petroleum oil, removes wax or lipstick, and neutralizes odors in the same way that baking soda does.


In Dutch: Blue Wonder Badkamerreiniger

Glass Windows

In Dutch: Glassex

Detergent for hand wash

In Dutch: Dreft Original


In Dutch: Muscle Keukenreiniger Lemon


In Dutch: Glorix Toiletreiniger

Detergent for dish washer

In Dutch: Dreft Platinum All-in-1

Wet cleaning paper for WC

In Dutch: Page vochtige doekjes

Paper mop kit

In Dutch: Swiffer

Duster kit

In Dutch: Swiffer duster Kit

Dry sheets for paper mop

In Dutch: Swiffer droge stofdoekjes

Wet sheets for mop

In Dutch: Swiffer Natte doekjes

Laundry detergent for colors

In Dutch: Ariel Color vloeibaar

Laundery detergent for whites

In Dutch: Robijn stralend wit vloeibaar

Stain Remover

In Dutch: Vanisch Oxiaction multi vlekkenspay


In Dutch: Robijn Morgenfris wasverzachter